Where do we go when we take our passing?  No one can say for certain.  But quietly we can wish for something better. Something  we have never known in our mortal lives.
No one can take away a long held soul deep feeling, a yearning for love that will never let be lost and is always waiting for us to walk home.
Call it what you will, religion, faith or simply a distant dream.  Many thousands of people across all nations and cultures and beliefs, it has ever been a defining part of human evolution. And anyone touched by the sacred spirit can tell you with very deeply felt honesty,to your face, that they have seen something or heard someone special and they don't understand the how or the why, yet whatever it was, it supported them through very difficult times and they will not ever lie about it or deny this honest truth.  For it belongs to them it is so much part of who they are and will become.
Touched by something from this healing energy will have changed them forever.  They will never be quite the same again.  Talk ghost seeks to tell the stories of my experiences and those of family and friends.  To share something special to us and precious in memory.  It does not matter what science might say has caused these moments in time.  We know they happened and we know they were very real.  That is all the evidence we need.  We hope you enjoy reading our stories. Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you might return.


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